Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Europa Universalis IV Trainer +14 V1.1.3 MrAntiFun

Europa Universalis IV Trainer +14 V1.1.3  MrAntiFun

F1:Active Trainer
F5:Inf.Research Power
F8:God Mode
F9: Inf.Stability
1:Add 100 Ruler Administrate Skill Points
2:Add 100 Ruler Diplomatic Skill Points
3:Add 100 Ruler Military Skill Points
4:Add 10 Prestige
5:Add 10 Legitimacy

Notice " Cheats wont turn red only the Active cheat will turn red the others dont , Also the cheats refereed to as Inf.X  will not set your value to Infinite but you wont lose any points when they are on " 
YouTube video link of the Trainer : Watch Now

Download Link Click Here

" Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
Important : If You are running Windows 8 and you get the memory error simply go to the trainer properties then click on compatibility after that choose comparability with Windows XP or Windows 7 ."
© Omar Iw Aka " MrAntiFun"


  1. Please excuse my English is not good.My system is win7 64 Bit.My Europa Universalis IV version is 1.1.3. But now I found that this Trainer does not work. How should I do? Thank you.

    1. This trainer has many options , Non of them work?

    2. Yes. I follow the instructions to press all the buttons, but the underlying value or in the reduction as the game progresses. Trainer is completely not working.

  2. Are you releasing an update to this trainer for the newest patch? It worked awesome before the patch!

  3. The thing is this is for the old patch of the game... we need EUROPA UNIVERSALIS 4 TRAINER 1.3.2 :D Help us!


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