Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wargame AirLand Battle Trainer +6 V13.08.30.2100001470 Fixed MrAntiFun

F1:Active Trainer
F2:Adding 500 Strategic Points
F4:God Mode No Health Lost
F5:Unlimited Ammo
F6: Unlimited Base Resources
F7: Unlimited Support Resources

YouTube video link of the Trainer : Watch Now

Download Link Click Here

" Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
Important : If You are running Windows 8 and you get the memory error simply go to the trainer properties then click on compatibility after that choose comparability with Windows XP or Windows 7 ."
© Omar Iw Aka " MrAntiFun"


  1. this fix appears as active (red), but do not react at F2 for strategical points...something special?? started trainer, then game, at main menu click F1, then clicking or starting campaign and trying F2 no results

    1. Sorry the game was updated yesterday ,This doesn't work anymore . :/ .

  2. same Anonymous said: not a reproach, just fact I've seen your trainers on gamecopy, tryed one for another game (Splinter Cell: Blacklist, working)...for Wargame AB was posted 1470 with 100points strategic (not working), then on your site found 1470 fixed with 500points.I know game update weekly or more rapidly,I use 3DM updates,mine show 1470 exactly like your trainer(s).With 1470 fixed pressing F1 become red (active),but in campaign F2 doesn't react.Maybe yours is done on Ali321 and not 3DM?

  3. when are you going to post a new trainer for this version and the last update?

  4. really looking forward to the trainer 1472, thanks in advance


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