Monday, January 20, 2014

The Banner Saga Trainer +7 MrAntiFun B

The Banner Saga Trainer +7 MrAntiFun B

#1 Active Trainer
#2 Active Data Collecting
#3 Keep clicking on one of your furthest soldier from enemy soldiers till Data counter =50
#4 When Data counter =50 Data collecting will be reset to = 0 and counter will be reset to 0 too.
#5  In every battle when you start it re-do steps 2-3-4.
-- Stuff effected by the cheats Armor, Strength, Willpower, Exertion ,Armor break ,Ability rank .
-- If you use the stats reset more than one time each fight you may effect enemy units.
For supplies cheat : This cheat will freeze Renown , Supplies ,days worth, Varl , Fighters and Clansmen ,
Make sure before you use it that you have decent amount of the items mentioned , Also dont spend points
for supplies ,days worth in the market while the cheat is active because it wont do nothing ,But you can still
buy items for renown and it wont decrease .
Disable the cheats when its not needed to avoid crashes!.

Important ;"You aren't allowed to copy this to other websites"

YouTube video link of the Trainer : Watch Now

Download Link Click Here

" Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
Important : If You are running Windows 8 and you get the memory error simply go to the trainer "Troubleshoot Compatibility" or compatibility in properties then choose compatibility with Windows XP SP 2 ."
© Omar Iw Aka " MrAntiFun"


  1. Followed the instructions for the data part. Works during the battle, but crashes after the battle is over every time. Even with the trainer being closed out. The other one works fine though.

    1. Dont close the trainer , Simply press F1 to deactivate it .


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